Security Consultancy Services

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TeleVigil Associates provide professional advice and services to many clients. We are a small but efficient multi-discipline independent consultancy, that provides guidance, advice and consultancy services at realistic rates in the UK and worldwide.

Good consultants work with clients by gaining good knowledge in relation to understanding their organisational and operational constraints. Only then after carrying out a threat, vulnerability, and risk assessment can we advise on any physical security measures which may include integrated systems and other measures to be designed and implemented to mitigate the risk, be of real benefit and ensure any security measures taken, can be bench-marked, reviewed and comply with all relevant current legislation and codes of practice. Having a robust understanding of available technology, security knowledge, experience how it can be best applied and producing robust policies and procedures is crucial for security to become a business enabler and not a barrier.

Whether protecting individuals, assets, organisations, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), education and health authorities, transportation or public sector government facilities, a properly designed integrated physical security and surveillance plan serves as the foundation for increased safety and security of personnel and organisations assets.

Our associates have years of experience working for organisations. Being qualified and conversant with the latest technology and legislation are able to offer independent service which includes:
  • Security threat, Vulnerability risk Assessments (SVA), development of Operational Requirement (OR), Operational Policy (OP) documentation and Assignment Instructions (AI’s) for security service providers.
  • Site surveys, system assessment and operational management compliance and conformity audits.
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments for projects tht will be collecting and processing personal data e.g. CCTV, Video Surveillance, Automatic Number Plate Recognition – ANPR, Electronic Access Control – EACS, UAV, Body Worn Video cameras.
  • Security system design, product evaluation and selection, specification, documentation, independent and impartial technical tender evaluation.
  • Project management, CCTV testing to Home Office CAST test guidance standards.
  • Service level agreements, Key Performance Level (KPI) documentation, audits and service reviews.
  • Compliance writing services for risk control, physical security policy and procedures, scope of work documentation for security service providers.
  • Development and writing of Work Place Risk Assessments (WPRA).
  • Development and writing of Fire Evacuation Policy (FEP).
  • Development of Lone Worker Policy.
  • Development of Bomb Evacuation Policy.
  • Development and construction of Assignment Instructions (AI’s) and Special Operational Procedures (SOP’s).
  • Development and writing of Emergency Business Continuity procedures and flow diagrams.
Our associates have technical knowledge and experience of all aspect of physical security and integration which include:
  • Perimeter security, fencing, lighting, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM), Perimeter Intruder Detection (PIDS) and Intruder detection Systems (IDS).
  • Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), analogue and IP based product including video and thermal imaging surveillance cameras, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) based on EN BS 62676 :2015 Video Surveillance systems for use in security applications and BS 7958:2015 VSS & CCTV Operation and Management. Code of Practice.
  • Electronic Access Control Systems (EACS), Visitor Information Management Systems (VIMS) for pedestrians and vehicles including parking control and management systems based on BS EN 60839-11-1:2013 Access Control Systems for use in Security Applications..
  • Emergency call systems, Audio Communications, Voice Over IP (VOIP) and Public Address (PA).
  • Video management systems (VMS), Video Content Analysis, Graphical User Interface (GUI), Physical Security Information Management (PSIM), Viewing stations and display walls, Security Control Room design and fit out.

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