Data Protection Impact Assessments – DPIA of security systems for commercial organisations, public sectors which include transport, healthcare and education. Private commercial, corporate organisations, government Institutions, transport, healthcare and education sectors.

Security threat, Vulnerability, Risk Assessment, Operational Requirement, Tender preparation, Evaluation, Project Management, Testing, Policy and Procedures. Critical National Infrastructure, defence, petrochemical, utility and government departments.

Knowledge, expertise, experience, training delivered by professionals working with clients, facility managers, manned guarding and system service providers. Working with clients, manned guarding and facility management, system service providers.

Evidential download media and management documentation fully compliant with Data Protection Act , GDPR and Crown Prosecution Service

Welcome to TeleVigil Associates

We provide security consultancy, management & training services which include “Compliance Plus” system performance and data protection compliance audits of video surveillance & CCTV systems.

Who Are We

Televigil Security and Compliance consultants, specialises in helping organisations realise the full potential and benefit of their existing or proposed security solution. We also address the uncertainties that are associated with complying with legislation and current standards.

Televigil was established in 2008 to secure a consultancy project starting with a Security Vulnerability Risk Assessment, Writing a comprehensive Operational Requirement to enable the design and specification of a £multi-million integrated security solution for a Petrochemical client. This created an opportunity for mobilising a team of independent professional security consultants, who have attained a standard of excellence, qualifications, expertise and recognition within the security industry. Working together, we deliver professional services and projects to clients throughout private, commercial and government sectors.

As consultants, we work with clients by gaining good knowledge in relation to understanding their organisational and operational constraints. We can then advise on any physical security measures which may include integrated systems and other measures to be designed and implemented to mitigate the risk, be of real benefit and ensure any security measures adopted, can be bench-marked, reviewed and comply with all relevant current legislation and codes of practice. 

Having a robust understanding of available technology, security knowledge, years of experience how it can be best applied and producing robust policies and procedures is crucial for security to become a business enabler and not a barrier.

TeleVigil Associates work in strict alignment with BS 8549:2006 Security Consultancy Code of Practice and has in place public liability insurance. We respect you Privacy and comply with the Data Protection Act and the GDPR our Privacy Policy is available here.


TeleVigil Associates provide professional advice and services to many organisations. We are a small but efficient multi-discipline independent security consultancy, that provides guidance, advice and consultancy services at realistic rates in the UK and worldwide.

Compliance Plus

TeleVigil Associates provide Compliance Plus audits through a network of Independent Professional Security consultants who will help you ensure compliance with the current DPA, GDPR from May 2018, POFA & FOI.

CCTV Management

A comprehensive system for the logging, archiving and presentation of Digital Evidence. This complete system is a must of all users of digital video surveillance and CCTV Systems to ensure compliance with current legislation.

GDPR & Compliance

Our team of consultants have a good knowledge and understanding of the security industry and DPA and GDPR, and keep up to date with the evolving guidance and information being published by the ICO and other respected authorities.